Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones


I’m sure you’ve all seen the trailer for the new branch of the Paranormal Activity family. I’m a huge fan of this franchise. I’ve stuck by it for the last four films, and was scared out of my wits every single time. For those of you who read my articles, you know that I’m all about traditional camera scares. They always seem more effective to me, and I think this franchise always execute them beautifully.

My husband and I even had a chance to spend some time with star Katie Featherston at an Academy Awards party last year. I can’t even describe the level of nerding out that ensued when she struck up a conversation with us.

This brings me to this new “sequel” of sorts. When I saw the first trailer play at the movies, I was so underwhelmed and disappointed. I know a lot of the audience was tiring of the same story line. However, the acting in the new trailer was atrocious, it didn’t seem very scary, and it almost seemed like the set up of a generic exorcism film.

I hate to be that person who judges a book by the cover, I will definitely give it a chance. I just hope this franchise isn’t running such an amazing concept into the ground.

Watch the trailer here:

What do you think?

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