The Sky Has Fallen: An Homage to Traditional FX


I’ve got a treat for you, I’ve been sent a trailer and a few screenshots for the Indy film The Sky Has Fallen. As an FX artist myself, I am incredibly excited to see this film. Traditional FX is definitely going by the wayside in favor of CGI. Horror fans could probably all agree that CGI is no match for real gore. There’s just something more gruesome and intimate about corn syrup and silicone.

The Sky Has Fallen has done a terrific job bringing this dying art back as the main focus.  A synopsis from the creators reveals the plot:

Within a couple hours, a new plague wipes out almost all of the world’s population. Trying to avoid infection, people flee to remote locations, but they start seeing mysterious black figures carrying away the dead to experiment on them. Now, Lance and Rachel, two survivors determined to fight back, must kill the leader of these creatures before the rest of humanity disappears.







Thanks to Doug Roos for all the great promotional material

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