Boo! A review of Mischief Night

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Mischief Night, the night before Halloween. It’s a time for usually harmless pranks. One such night a woman and the man she is having an affair with is murdered. An undetermined amount of time later a young woman who was rendered blind by a traumatic event (her mother’s death) from her childhood, and her father live in the house. Once again it’s Mischief night, and poor blind Emily is left alone while her father is out on a date. While home alone she is stalked by a not so harmless prankster/killer.

I didn’t have very high hopes for this considering I had never heard of it before watching it after an impulse buy. I was pleasantly surprised. It is a very tense movie, while maybe not horror in the traditional sense the fear comes from knowing the poor girl is blind. You have to ask yourself what would I do in this situation? There isn’t much gore, or even deaths for that matter. Where this movie succeeds is suspense. Though I couldn’t stop laughing at the killer’s choice of costume. It might be a good thing the girl is blind or she’d laugh herself to death seeing a killer in a bright yellow rain coat, and a mask that is like a cross between Behind the mask: the rise of Leslie Vernon, and Michael Myer’s mask from Rob Zombie’s version of Halloween. Other than that there are a couple of familiar faces, Jerry  O’Connell’s lesser known Charlie, Richard Riehle who played in Hatchet, and Ally Walker who played Agent June Stahl in Sons of Anarchy.

All and all it was a good movie, nothing spectacular except one original kill near the end of the movie. In my opinion it’s worth a one time watch, but not worth buying. I give it three of five stars.


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