Brad Douriff confirms Revenge of Chucky in development

Chucky 2

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Good news for fans of Charles Lee Ray AKA Chucky, the serial killer whose soul is trapped inside a doll.  Brad Douriff, the actor who portrayed Charles Lee Ray and provides the voice of the infamous doll has confirmed the 7th film in the series is in development. It is said to be a “spin-off” involving Chucky’s immediate family. Creator Don Mancini is attached to write. Not much else is known in this early stage.

The long rumored Child’s play remake is going forward as well, with Douriff and Mancini involved.  At one time Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles of Supernatural fame were rumored to be involved, playing Charles and the detective who stops his murderous pint-sized shenanigans respectively.  This turned out to be a false lead

In my opinion this is all great news. The last installment in the series “Curse of Chucky” brought Chucky back to the dark and scary side from the first three films, and ignored both previous sequels Bride and Seed (of Chucky). One can only wonder where the series will go from here, now that Chucky is scary once more, and not a cheesy shadow of his former self. With Mancini and Douriff involved we’re sure to not be disappointed.

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