All Hallows' Eve is hollow

All Hallows Eve

All Hallows’ Eve (2013) has been getting some buzz, so I decided to watch for myself. In the tradition of movies like Trilogy of Terror, and Creepshow, All Hallows’ eve is a movie with three stories all connected by a clown. If you have a fear of clowns then this will scare you. Otherwise it probably won’t.

The wrap around story involves a baby sitter watching two children on Halloween, when a video tape is found in one child’s trick or treat bag. Yes, a video tape… in 2013, who even has a working VCR anymore? Anyway after some convincing by the children the baby sitter decides to watch the tape. What follows is three violent short films, with a lot of violence, but not much sense. Taking a cue from “The Ring” The baby sitter soon discovers the video tape releases the malevolent clown into the house. The clown proceeds to kill the children, The end. The short films themselves are a jumbled mess. One involves a group of women chained in a basement(?) with some unseen creature, the second involves an alien (way too obvious cheap costume.) The third involves a female costume designer being raped by Satan. There is also something about demons and witches, and the clown mutilating the woman.  Perhaps with a little more substance these stories may have been good, but All Hallows’ Eve is hollow. Perhaps it would have worked better as a short film

The movie has decent effects and atmosphere, but that’s not enough to save what could have been a very interesting premise. I found myself struggling to sit through the entire movie.  Sadly I have to give All Hallows’ Eve one out of five stars.

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