Meet NBC's Rosemary's Baby Miniseries' New Rosemary

Zoe Saldana

according to  the upcoming Rosemary’s baby , a made for TV miniseries remake has cast Zoe Saldana( of Avatar, Star Trek, and it’s sequel Star Trek into the darkness fame) as Rosemary.

The original Rosemary’s baby released in 1968 is a classic film directed by the controversial Roman Polanski. The story follows a young couple, Guy and Rosemary Woodhouse who move into an apartment building with some very strange neighbors. Rosemary soon becomes pregnant. Over time she has increasing paranoia over the safety of her unborn child, with good reason. Soon she finds out her neighbors are a satanic cult who hopes to make her unborn child the Antichrist.

I’m sure some of the internet community’s feathers will be ruffled by this casting choice. In the original Rosemary was white, but race has nothing to do with this story. I for one think Zoe Saldana can bring a lot to the role. Maybe we’ll all be surprised and this could be better than the original. Only time will tell. Either way it goes we’ll just have to wait and see. Rosemary’s baby starring Zoe Saldana is set to air as a four-hour miniseries on NBC some time within this year.

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