Krueger: a fan made Nightmare On Elm Street film


Here is something else to go with the Nightmare On Elm Street theme. A fan made short film about Freddy before he was burned by the parents of Elm Street. Here is the official plot description: In Springwood, long before he became a demon of dreams, Freddy Krueger stalked the streets under another name – The Springwood Slasher. A little girl will learn why she should never get into a stranger’s car.

One has to wonder what the people who made the film could do with more time, and a bigger budget. It is great for the 6 minute run time, but it leaves you wanting more.

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  • Patrick Allen

    Not bad. That was a pretty decent Englund impression.

    The thing about an Elm Street prequel is that I think it would be hard to pull off. It is one thing watching a creep go after 20-somethings playing high school girls but when you have a grown man going after little girls it is just plain creepy and not the good kind.

    • william cripps

      Yes, but not really any worse than what goes on in Flowers in the attic and that’s been made twice now. It probably wouldn’t be as main stream though. I’ve seen some crazy Independent/foreign stuff.

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