Poltergeist Remake to Hit Theaters in 2015


That’s right, folks, Poltergeist will be hitting theaters again in 2015. I just…I’ve been sighing about this for like an hour now. It could be cool, but how can you beat the fact that the original had a curse and they used real freaking skeletons for the pool scene?!

Anyway, at least there are some awesome people in the cast, such as Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt as Eric and Amy Bowen, and Jarred Harris as Carrigan Burke. Also, Sam Raimi was apart of the “re-imagining”.

I know it could turn out really cool, and a year from now I could be here telling you all that I was wrong, but for now I’m going to listen to power ballads and start writing a “re-imagining” of Citizen Kane because I’m sure they’ll be announcing that next.


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