An Exclusive Interview With Krueger Fan Film Series' Freddy, Roberto Lombardi

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I recently was given the chance to interview the star of the Krueger fan film series, Roberto Lombardi. He is a very nice down to earth man, and I hope you enjoy reading the interview as much as I enjoyed conducting it.

First, I want to say AMAZING job on the Krueger films. I always said there was only one Freddy, Englund but you proved me wrong. When did you become interested in horror, and what was the first horror movie you watched?

Thanks very much! Robert Englund is a huge influence on me and it makes me happy that his fans have accepted my portrayal of Freddy! I became interested in horror as a child. My father always watched the old Universal Monster movies on tv and that got me interested. Seeing the Bela Lugosi ‘Dracula’ got me interested in acting.

So what’s next? Will we see more tales from Elm Street? Will we eventually see you in the make up?

There will be another prequel short film. We are in talks right now to decide where to go next. We are looking to release it in the spring. I actually have worn the makeup in a short film. It’s called “The Nightmare Ends on Halloween II”. It’s on YouTube.

Did you feel any pressure sliding into the fedora, sweater, and razor glove? Have you had any negative feedback?

I was very nervous! I know how passionate fans are and I was expecting that at least half the fans would trash me! Luckily, the response has been about 95% very positive! Of course there have been a few people who didn’t like me in the role. I expected it.

Are there any plans for a feature length film?

We have a feature length prequel script that we are making the shorts from. We would need financing and to work out some legal things first. We would love to do it though!

Do you think with the darker tone these films seem to have Hollywood would green light it, or would it have to be an Independent film?

I think that Hollywood would green light it. The source material for Freddy is indeed dark, but able to be presented properly to audiences. That would take a lot of negotiating though!

I think we’ll wrap it up here. I want to thank you for your time on behalf of, and will continue to share your work.

Thanks very much for the interview and for spreading the word about the Krueger project!

Once again I want to think Roberto Lombardi, and wish him well in his future work. In case you missed them before the Krueger fan films can be found here, here, and here. You can follow Roberto Lombardi here

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