StabChat: A New Generation of Murder


StabChat is a Kickstarter funded thriller (they could actually still use your help).  Creator and director, Nick Garmyn sent me the premise of this eerie looking film:

Natalie, who’s having major boyfriend issues, Jamie, three months single, and Brittany, always down to party, sign up for the latest trend STABCHAT. It’s a social website that allows you to meet and chat with new people by sending and receiving auto-deleting media. This is a decision they quickly regret when they are bombarded and tormented with gruesome violent clips. With stabchat’s auto-erase feature, who will believe them with no evidence? Will they get through the night or become the next victims of the media dubbed Stabchat Killer? With over 100 million fake profiles on the internet to date, who are they really talking to?

I have the teaser and some promo shots for you down below!




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