Blackmore: Steampunk and Serial Killers!


Blackmore is a Japanese adventure game set in a steampunk version of London. It is currently a KickStarter project–and they don’t have a trailer yet–but the concepts are amazing. I can’t wait for this game to come to fruition, it seems like a beautiful and exciting game!

Here is a description from the artists:

You play as Emma Blackmore, a brave young heroine who, along with the help of her steampunk gadget-laden robot sidekick, Descartes, must track down a serial killer that’s terrorizing the people of East London. Her normal life is shattered one day and she finds herself embroiled in a dark and twisted mystery that exposes the dark side of the city and the dark side of humanity itself.

Below you’ll find some gorgeous art and a five minute video by the creators.


If you’d like to learn more and/or to donate, you can find them here.

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