Thousands of Bodies Found on Mississippi Campus


You’re trying to expand the campus of your medical school when–BAM!–you stumble on thousands of bodies from a former insane asylum. Don’t you hate that?

The Jackson, Miss., Clarion-Ledge

The Jackson, Miss., Clarion-Ledge

The University of Mississippi Medical Center had planned to build a parking lot when they stumbled upon the massive unmarked graveyard. The land once belonged to the State Lunatic Asylum. Some of the graves are also thought to be Civil War dead.

Unfortunately, these aren’t the first bodies to be found on the campus:

Dr. Luke Lampton, chairman of the state Board of Health, said his father, who taught at UMMC for four decades, told him every time the institution broke ground, they found more caskets.

“There are probably thousands more bodies that we’ve never seen,” said Lampton, who has researched and written about the days of the asylum.

-USA Today

It would cost approximately $3,000 per body to move them, and the school says they simply don’t have the money. Construction will continue elsewhere.


Editors Note: My husband was born at the University of Mississippi Medical Center–so now I have to worry about him being possessed by a dead crazy person.


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