"The Zombie Movie" Official Trailer

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I know I said in a previous post I’m getting tired of zombie movies, but that was before I saw the trailer for “THE Zombie Movie” from film makers from my home town, and no this isn’t bias. It looks to be a fun movie where you can tell everyone involved had fun. So here it is, the official trailer for “The Zombie Movie”.  A new horror comedy and sequel to the cult classic Dead Moon Rising. Warning, this trailer is Not Safe For Work.

“The cast and crew of the cult classic zombie film, Dead Moon Rising, return for its sequel, only to be swept up in the midst of an ACTUAL zombie outbreak.  The film stars

Jason Crowe as himself (He also co-wrote)

Jason Saint as Fenix

and the beautiful and talented Roni Jonah (She also directs and co wrote.)

The release date for this horror comedy  is currently TBA, I for one can not wait.

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