Drew Daywalt Will Scare The Crap Out of You

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I recently discovered the scariest, most well done set of videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube. They were all created by children’s book author/horror filmmaker Drew Daywalt.

I featured a video called ‘Mockingbird’ on the latest edition of creepy videos–you can view it here–and it seriously shook me to the core. It doesn’t help that I babysit for a friend sometimes and the baby monitor always creeps me the hell out (I swear I hear a lady singing on it all the time–yeah–it’s probably picking up another signal–but it still makes me have flashbacks to Insidious).

But I digress–these videos by Mr. Daywalt are the cure to the plague of pop up scares and little girls in long black wigs with claims of being “xtra supr scary guyz 4 realz”.

The Daywalt videos are terrifying, haunting, and will stick with you as the chill in your spine long after they’re over. The acting is a little so-so–but they’re also of a cinematic quality that is incredibly refreshing to see when part of your job is watching grainy shaky cam videos.

I would like to share with you five of my favorites, enjoy my friends…

1. Suicide Girl

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