Psycho house Universal Studios restoration petition.


A Facebook friend tagged me in a post talking about the Psycho house in Universal Studios and the shoddy condition it’s in. There is a petition to have Universal studios to restore the famed house of Norman Bates and his mother. Why is this important? If you have to ask this question I wonder why you’re on this website in the first place. This house is an iconic piece of horror cinema history, and it would be a shame to see it go. I’m sure every horror fan has seen the original Psycho, and I’m also sure it gave them the creeps just like it did yours truly. Long before Jaws made people afraid to go into water, Psycho made people wary of hotels and showers. So if you want to sign the petition it can be found here.  If you DON’T want to sign the petition and save this piece of history? Well I guess you better stay out of the shower. Keep mother and Norman happy. Save the Psycho house!

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