Waverly hills Sanatorium to be turned into hotel.

While on Facebook I came upon an article from fearnet  about The Waverly Hills Sanatorium Tuberculosis hospital in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky being turned into a hotel. Waverly Hills is famous for being one of the most haunted places in the world, it has been featured in Ghost Hunters, Scariest Places On Earth, Ghost Adventures, and Paranormal challenge, among others. Apparently the owners never read or seen “The Shining”.

I have mixed feelings about this myself. On one hand, it would be kind of cool to stay there. On the other hand it seems it would be a bad idea, kind of making light of the pain the spirits went through, and making them a gimmick. Regardless I will be staying here at some point to see if there’s any truth to the hype. Something I’ve always found interesting, Louisville’s area code is 502, and the room with supposedly the most activity is room 502. It is rumored a pregnant nurse working in the  hospital at the time contracted TB and hanged herself to keep the baby from catching the disease. That’s a bit drastic if you ask me, but hey what are you going to do? Once I do stay in the hotel, I will write about my experience right here on 1428 elm. Stay tuned boils and ghouls.

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