Forgotten Tales Comic to movie.


I received an email last night, and I’m passing it along to you guys. This is the official press release for “Forgotten Tales”:

Last Doorway Productions is now in production of its newest feature "Forgotten 

Tales" a trilogy film Written and Directed by Reyna Young (TV Horror a Host of 
Movie Massacre, Monster of Golden Gate, No Service) 

After moving into her new home a woman discovers she has a few unwanted house 
guests. Soon she discovers there's more to their story. A babysitting job sounds 
great or is it? With a serial killer running around it may be a bad idea after 
all. An inspiring actress auditions for the most creepiest director ever, little 
does she know what he really wants from her.

Forgotten Tales is based off of Reyna Young's comic book series through  
Scattered Comics. Scattered comics has jumped on board to be the main artists 
who will be providing the images within the film.

Starring Reyna Young (The Divine Order, No Service, Monster of Golden Gate) 
Harold Whitson, Jeanne Ladysage Capili ( The Slam Show) Slammin Sam (The Slam 
Show) Wyzae Crankfield (Recording/performing artist) Kelsey Zukowski (What they 
say, Within these walls) Marv Blauvelt, (Psycho Street, No Service, Within these 
Walls) Andrew Stone, Maureen Mo Whelan (The Divine Order, No Service) Natasha 
Tolanz Champion (Black Devil Doll)

It sounds interesting enough, comics and anthology movies seem to be a hot item right now. The first story is an Urban legend, maybe that's the theme for the comics? I will post a trailer as soon as I find one. I will continue to follow the progress of Forgotten tales, and pass everything on to you, dear readers. I love urban legends, so I have high hopes for this film.

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