Psychotic State Press Release

Psychotic State

Here is another press release I received through E-Mail. This time for a 3 hour long slasher movie, with a body count of 138 with an anti-bullying message. Thank you for the tip Eric Morse.

The cult filmmaker that brought you Family Property and Midnight Matinee Psycho faces personal demons and creates the next great horror film with Psychotic State.


The filmmaker that brought you Family Property: Backwoods Killing Spree and Midnight Matinee Psycho, Derek Young, is back! But this time he is facing personal demons and taking on the subject of bullying in his epic slasher film, Psychotic State.


The plot of Psychotic State tells the story of David Coleman, a bipolar twenty-six year old man who is one of those people that the world likes to pick on. David is bullied and abused by everyone around him, including his adopted father. When David gets fired from his job after a run in with a couple bullies he loses his medical and stops taking his medication. This causes David to go into a psychotic state and in a twisted idea of justice he decides that it is time for him to take out all his bullies and abusers. The result is a killing spree and ends with a bloodbath that will be a must see for horror fans.


An Asphyxiated Films Production

In Association with




Derek Young, Adam Ginsburg, and John Rutland



John R Price II, Myron Smith, Denise GreenField, Conrad Brooks, John Angel, Greg Russell Tiderington, Bjarni Gautur, Amanda Childers, Mike Christopher, and William Pattison aka Eric Morse.


Cameos by:

Lloyd Kaufman (Team Troma)

Camille Keaton (I Spit on Your Grave)

George Kosana (Night of the Living Dead)

Sal Lizard (Hillbilly Bob Zombie)

R.A. Mihailoff (Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III)

David Naughton (American Werewolf in London)

PJ Soles (Halloween)

Jake “The Snake” Roberts (Beyond the Mat)

Jim Krut (Dawn of the Dead)

Aleister Price (The Name of God)

Marc Sheffler (Last House on the Left)

All this and you still need convincing? Here’s the trailer:


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