Infliction Trailer Is Here And Looks Excellent

InflictionInfliction is assembled footage from cameras belonging to two brothers,who documented a murder spree in NC. Screening in select theaters 2014.

I know I’ve said I’m getting tired of “Found footage” movies, but this film looks like it might just change my mind. I will be sure to follow Infliction closely and check it out if there is a screening anywhere near me. What makes this film different from others is it is supposed to be REAL footage. Will the film live up to the hype? Only time will tell but I certainly have high hopes for it and wish the makers of Infliction the best, and lots of success in the times to come. This might be the first found footage movie I’ve liked since the excellent V/H/S.  Follow the film on Facebook here , Twitter at @Infliction_SF and check out the official site, What do you think of this trailer? Leave your thoughts below ladies and germs. As always stay scared

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