Saw 8 Coming 2015, Or Beating A Dead Horse

Saw 2

According to Saw 8 is in “Active Production” and rumored to release as early as next year. No I DO NOT want to play a game, it should have been game over after part 4 honestly. I really enjoyed the first three films of the series, after part four I was praying for it to end.  Don’t get me wrong the first one was great and refreshing, a serial killer with a moral to his victims, but it started to get too many twists and became convoluted with each installment, and seemed to be just violence for violence sake. Do we REALLY need another Saw movie? I say no, but I will watch it because it’s my job. Furthermore the rumored spring 2015 release seems far-fetched since there is no script or cast yet. Personally I would rather see another installment of Hatchet instead of ANOTHER Saw, as I believe Hatchet has more story to tell than this overdone series. Let the game be over, all things must end. I really don’t see how much more they can do with this series. I guess time will tell. However that is just my two cents. Have an opinion? Sound off in the comments section horror fans!

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