Return To Nuke'em High Volume 1: Tromaville Citizens Rejoice!

Nuke 2

Ah Tromaville, my favorite town. If you’re a fan of such classic films as Toxic Avenger, Sgt. Kabuki man, and Class of Nuke’em high you’re in luck! Return to Class of Nuke’em High Volume 1 is now on DVD! Yes return to Nuke’em high where mutants, low brow humor, gore and nudity are in abundance!  If you are new to Tromaville (it’s been around 40 years, where have you been?!) here is an article about one of my film making idols, Lloyd Kaufman who I affectionately call Uncle Lloyd while speaking to him on Twitter, here is a very nice article on him and the Tromaville Universe and some info on Return To Nuke’em High. If you are interested in watching Troma Films, but not sure you want to actually BUY them without ever seeing them, Return To Nuke’em High and other classic Troma movies are available absolutely FREE on youtube by Troma Studios themselves so it’s completely legit. What are you waiting for?! Go check out some classic sleaze, grind-house, satire movies now! Still not convinced?! HERE is more info on Return to Nuke’em High! Long live Troma! Consider this your only warning, the films are not safe for work, or those easily offended. Enjoy the carnage Tromeos and Tromettes!

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