Roberto Lombardi does it again!: The Nightmare ends on Halloween parts 1 and 2

The Nightmare Ends On Halloween

When I first joined 1428elm, I posted a couple of Freddy Krueger fan films, starring Roberto Lombardi as Freddy. Today I am posting parts 1 and 2 of The Nightmare Ends On Halloween Parts 1 and 2. It follows after Freddy’s failed attempt with Jason in Freddy vs Jason, he is now attempting convince Michael Myers to do his dirty work. There are a couple more surprises in store. The make up is a bit off for my liking but other than that everything is spot on and I love it. Enjoy boils and ghouls!

Wasn’t that awesome?! Now feast your eyes on part two! Will Freddy beat the odds? Let’s see.

Someone get these guys some funding and a budget. They could do amazing things with the right money, feature-length, and of course the rights to the characters. This is something I would LOVE to see happen. You can tell they’re fans of the movies, unlike say Ronnie Yu when he made Freddy vs Jason. The Nightmare Ends on Halloween could be an instant classic. Have a pleasant nightmare on behalf of myself and 1428elm.

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