Ghostface To Be An Actual Ghost in Scream TV Series?!

Scream 2

In TV series news today, we have something that really upsets me. According to screenrant in the upcoming Scream TV series, Ghostface is going to be an actual ghost. When I first heard about the Television adaptation of Scream, I didn’t mind. Wes Craven was originally going to write the pilot episode, so I had hopes for it. Then I heard it was going to be on MTV…. a little hope lost (remember when MTV actually played MUSIC?!). Now with this news of Ghostface being an actual ghost, all hope is lost.

Everyone who knows me knows Scream is my favorite horror movie. I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but there is a reason it is special to me. As a child I was a wuss, I wouldn’t even go into a video store if there was a horror movie poster up. I was ridiculed for it by my peers. That all changed when I was eleven. I finally decided I had enough and popped Scream into my VCR (Yes, I’m old). The rest as they say, is history. I was immersed in the world of horror from then on.

The reason that the idea of Ghostface being an actual ghost upsets me is because it completely changes what Scream is all about. Scream has always been based in reality and that makes it (at least to me) scarier. It had its share of gore, and mystery. There was even comedy to make you bring your guard down, making the scares more effective when they happened.  It was always a living person with a motive. Adding a supernatural element to this makes absolutely no sense. Have the Weinsteins lost their minds? They need to do the right thing, forget this abysmal TV series idea, and just make parts 5 and 6. Bob Weinstein says they’ve milked that cow, but I think there is more that could be done. They had no problem milking a Nightmare On Elm Street. Please for the love of god, just turn it back over to Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson, Keep Scream reality based! Don’t fall victim to the recent trends.

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