The Breakfast Club Meets Invasion Of The Body Snatchers In The Faculty (1998)

The Faculty

“Guaranteed to jack you up”

Hello Boils, and Ghouls. Last time I talked about how Scream changed the horror industry. Now I am going to review a movie that followed, 1998’s High School  Sci-Fi/Horror classic, The Faculty.

This is what happens when you mix John Hughes’ immortal 80s teen movie “The Breakfast Club” with “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers”. It sounds silly doesn’t it? While it may sound silly, it works quite well. The students of a small town high school begin to realize the faculty have been taken over by aliens.

The movie starts by introducing the main characters, in a kind of homage to MTV’s “Real World”.  First we meet Casey (Elijah Wood) the nerd. Next is Stokeley, the goth, Mary Beth the sweet new girl from the south, Delilah the bitchy popular girl, Stan the high school quarterback, and finally Zeke (Josh Hartnett) the bad boy.

Casey finds a strange bug like creature on the football field, and takes it to the biology teacher. This sets up the entire movie. As the students begin to realize what is going on, they race to find a way to save their school and ultimately the planet. Luckily Zeke happens to be a bit of a chemistry whiz and has made a drug that has another use. It dehydrates the aliens. Now all they have to do is find out who the queen is. Along the way they find out they’re not that different after all. In a strange turn of events the geek saves the day AND gets the girl.

The cast works extremely well together. There are plenty of tense moments, and the cinematography adds to the atmosphere of who is an alien and who is not. Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgement Day) and Famke Jansen (X-Men) turn in great performances as the two we believe could be the main aliens. The effects are great, the story is some how fresh and exciting, and the acting is top notch. Not to mention the soundtrack is awesome.  One wonders of all the pointless sequels that were ever made, why was there not a sequel to “The Faculty”. I believe there could have been more story there. Until next time creeps.

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