Two Girls Attempt Murder To Prove Slender Man's Existence

Two 12-year-old girls were tried as adults Monday after attempting to prove the existence of Slender Man by stabbing another 12-year-old by luring her into the woods. has the story:

The two girls are accused of luring their friend into the woods and stabbing her 19 times, to prove their loyalty to a fictional character made popular by an online urban legends forum

The victim, also 12, was found Saturday collapsed on the sidewalk, suffering from 19 stab wounds, after she had managed to crawl out of the woods. She had been invited to one of the accused killer’s house under the guise of a birthday sleepover. According to police, however, the attackers had been planning her murder for months as a tribute to the fictional character Slender Man.

The victim was rushed to the hospital when found and was in serious but stable condition Monday.

One of the girls was quoted saying that she didn’t feel any remorse for the attempted murder. The maximum penalty for the girls would be incarcerating them until they turned 25.

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