Keep It Steamy With 'SX_Tape'

What begins as harmless sex games between a free-spirited artist (Caitlyn Folley) and her videographer boyfriend (Ian Duncan) turns much darker as the pair breaks into a boarded-up former hospital , looking for a space for a new gallery show. As they investigate the building’s ominous rooms and passageways, a seductive prank , meaning to arouse and terrify, goes terribly wrong – and what is discovered will destroy them both. 

It looks like they filmed at the Linda Vista hospital. I did a movie there once, and it is as creepy as it seems. I have to say though, I think it’s a bit of an overused location for horror films, it’s a little too recognizable. I feel like as soon as I see it I lose that feeling of being lost in the movie. Okay, I’m done being nitpicky, here’s the trailer!

Available on DVD July 14

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