Tables,Ladders And... Zombies In Pro Wrestlers Vs Zombies

Pro Wrestlers Vs Zombies 2

Tables, Ladders,chairs,cages. It sounds like a normal night in the WWE, or in this case Extreme Rising. However it is not. Jealousy is an ugly thing, especially when the man whose brother you kill knows an Aztec zombie ritual. Now it’s Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies!

one night during a show for Extreme Rising, a jealous “The Franchise” Shane Douglas catches his opponent making out with his girl.  Shane proceeds to kill his opponent with a tombstone pile driver.

Soon after promoter Cody Knotts agrees to do a show at a prison. What could go wrong? Well the guy who is paying for the show is the murdered man’s brother. He has a plan for revenge involving an ancient Aztec ritual and the undead. Now Shane Douglas,Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy,Reby Sky, Roddy Piper, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan are in for the fight of their lives in the ultimate death match. Luckily they have a new female employee who seems to inexplicably know what she’s doing when it comes to fighting zombies (I guess she’s a Walking Dead fan). Will the wrestlers survive by applying their craft, or will the zombies feast? Find out in Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies, releasing soon.

I’ll admit, I was growing tired of the zombie genre before this movie. Going with an Aztec ritual and revenge angle, instead of the typical it’s the government’s fault was quite refreshing. Seeing the wrestlers use their finishing moves on the zombies is priceless. The effects in the film are amazing, and the cast did an amazing job.

Pro Wrestlers Vs Zombies is funny without being too cheesy, and sometimes emotional. Cody Knotts and crew did a terrific job putting together a great movie that will please both wrestling, and zombie enthusiasts alike. Pro Wrestlers Vs Zombies is a MUST SEE. Here’s hoping for a sequel

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