Underrated Horror Movies: Night Of The Creeps.

Night Of The Creeps

We are starting a new feature today on 1428elm. Underrated Horror Movies. This came about when I was watching Night Of The Creeps, and started thinking about how underrated it is. So it is only fair the first featured underrated horror movie is the 1986 B movie classic, Night Of The Creeps.

Aliens, alien slugs turning people into zombies, ax wielding murderers, and of course scantily clad women. Night Of The Creeps takes everything you love about cheesy B movies, and makes for a very entertaining movie. Not to mention the plethora of one liners.

It begins in the year 1959 with three aliens on a ship. One seems to be possessed. The normal two try to evacuate it from the ship. The “possessed” alien shoots the canister, and crash lands on earth. Meanwhile on earth, a couple are out necking. They are caught by a cop who happens to be the girl’s ex. Once he leaves they see a “shooting star”. They go to check out the scene of the crash. The boyfriend goes to the “shooting star” and the failed alien experiment, a brain controlling slug shoots into his mouth. The girlfriend is then murdered by an escaped mental patient with an ax. (This movie has it all folks.)

Fast Forward to 1986. It’s pledge week at Corman University, Chris Romero and his best friend James Carpenter “J.C” Hooper are at a Frat party where Chris sees his dream girl, Cynthia Cronenburg. (If you haven’t noticed by now the college, and all the characters last names are popular horror directors’ names you’re on the wrong site.)  J.C. tries to help and hook Chris up, but Chris is shy.  Chris decides the only way he can get to know Cindy is to join a fraternity. Unfortunately the Frat is full of stereotypical Frat douche bags. The Frat president, Brad gives Chris and J.C. an iniation test. This is where the fun begins.

Chris and J.C. sneak into a lab to steal a corpse, then they’re supposed to leave it on another Frat’s door step. They find a cryogenically frozen corpse. You guessed it, the zombiefied boyfriend from the 50s. They are scared and chicken out, but not before J.C. presses a red button releasing the corpse (NEVER press the red button!). Some of the alien slugs break out of the corpse and chaos ensues on the college campus.

Enter Detective Ray Cameron with a dark secret who tries to save the day.

Night Of  The Creeps is an amazing movie all on it’s own, and a great homage to horror. Sadly, as great as it is, it didn’t do well in the box office. With a budget of 5 Million dollars, it’s total box office take was only 591,366 dollars. Despite the 4,408,634 dollar loss the movie is still a cult classic. You want one liners? this movie has it in spades. If you haven’t seen Night Of The Creeps, Amazon now has the director’s cut for 10 bucks. I promise it’s the best 10 bucks you will ever spend on a great fun filled time.

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