Everything You Need To Know About Fandomfest


This weekend, August 1st through the third, thousands of people will enter the Kentucky International Convention Center for what is bound to be a phenomenal time. Fans will flock (pun intended) to see Anthony Mackie (Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s Falcon), Karl Urban, Sylvester McCoy, Meaghan Rath, Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington (Syfy’s Being Human) and many more.  Did I forget to mention the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast reunion? That’s right Trekkies set your phasers to fun (yes another bad pun, I’m on a roll huh?)

Fandomfest truly has something for everyone, be it Scifi, horror, anime, comics, or video games. Not to mention the parties. Here is just a few things you need to know, first let’s start off with autograph prices, you wouldn’t want to come up short would you? Keep in mind this is just the prices that are known as of the time of this writing. There are even more guests to look forward to, like The Walking Dead’s Carl, Chandler Riggs, and my most anticipated Nick Palma (who was in the Michelangelo costume in TMNT 2 and 3. He will be taking pics with fans IN the Michelangelo costume. How cool is that?!)

Star Trek Cast Prices

Brent Spiner $40.00
Gates McFadden $40.00
LeVar Burton $40.00
Michael Dorn $40.00
Marina Sirtis $40.00
Jonathan Frakes $40.00
Denise Crosby $40.00
Karl Urban $55.00

Doctor Who
Sylvester McCoy $40.00

OZ/90210 cast
Luke Perry $40.00

Babylon 5
Bruce Boxleitner $40.00

Being Human Cast
Meghan Rath $30.00
Sam Huntington $40.00
Sam Witwer $40.00

Andromeda/Hercules Cast
Kevin Sorbo $40.00

Lost Girl
Ksenia Solo $30.00

Power Rangers
Cerina Vincent $30.00

Voice Over Cast
Cas Anvar $30.00 Assassins Creed Revelations as (Altair)
Neil Kaplin Your Item signed Free (Limit One per Person) Additional items or Neil’s Items are $40.00 (Optimus Prime)
James Horan-$25 (Wheel jack)

Firefly Cast
Morena Baccarin $40.00
Sean Maher $30.00

Defiance Cast
Julie Benz $35.00
Grant Bowler $40.00
Tony Curran $40.00

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cast
Eliza Dushku $45.00
Julie Benz $35.00

Star Wars Cast
Ray Park $40.00
David Prowse $40.00

Cheers/House cast
George Wendt-TBA

Tales from the Crypt cast
John Kassir $25.00 THE CRYPTKEEPER himself.

There is also an extensive list of programming to check out, but as we are a horror website, I’ll keep it related to horror:

There will be a film festival showing nothing but horror movies. My most anticipated movie showing being “Return Of Junk Bucket”

Also a panel all about Stephen King (No King himself is not a guest.)

That is all the information I have for you at this time. If you happen to see me at Fandomfest feel free to say hello.

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