Resident Evil re-releasing 'REmake' for new generation

There has been a recent decline in the Resident Evil franchise and it’s been a sad fall to watch given how strong the series was at times. This is why it comes as no surprise that the franchise is getting a bit of a reboot as we enter a new era in entertainment when it comes to horror.

According to Bloody Disgusting, the upcoming re-release of Resident Evil: REmake is being used as a way for Capcom to test the waters and see if there is still a market for Resident Evil games — at least games the way they used to make them.

With the upcoming HD remaster of the Resident Evil REmake, Capcom is essentially testing the waters. Obviously, much of the game’s success rides on how much time and effort they invest into this latest iteration. If it’s not worthy of the original game’s legacy — or our money — than it’s not our fault if it doesn’t perform well. But if it’s good and no one buys it, that leaves little incentive for Capcom to take the main series, which is still a huge money maker for the publisher, back to its roots.

It’s a smart move, as the game will be moving the franchise closer to it’s roots from the early days, but it’s also a re-release of a game that undersold when Resident Evil was a hot commodity on the market — which is a risky strategy.

That being said, anything to return to gaming franchise closer to its roots is never a bad thing and it’s up to the fans to decide if Resident Evil is dead or alive.

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