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True Blood Finishing Series In Proper Fashion

It was bound to happen – because all good things must come to an end right?  And that is exactly why True Blood will come to an abrupt end this Sunday with the series finale on HBO.

For seven seasons now the HBO franchise as explored the world of Vampires – capitalizing on the fan-base started when a resurgence of vampire fans emerged on the scene.

You can’t really point to Twilight as the reason for the success as they are two totally different genres in the vampire scope – but its popularity can’t be rivaled, and that is exactly why you have to bring it to a climatic closure.  While you can’t really compare the two – how many people are fans of both?

But the minute you feel your airing it for the numbers we start questioning it.–Network exec on choosing to end the series.

So if you are a highly rated series, and your pulling in such numbers, why end the franchise?

Plain and simple – you don’t want to ruin a good thing.  How many good shows have gone on to continue pushing – hoping for continued success, only to water down the image and disenfranchise its loyal following.

Not every show has to come to an end.  Take a look at the Simpson’s, the Big Bang Theory – shows that got quite the following and haven’t slowed down at all.

True Blood could have that sort of following – so why not roll the dice and take a chance?

It is time to meet the end – will the final episode leave us wanting more – or will you be satisfied with the conclusion?

Are you ready for the series to end? Will this really be the end of the True Blood experience – or is the possibility of a spinoff out there? The other question is – what will fans turn to next to get their fix?

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