Two Teasers For American Horror Story: Freakshow

Remember when we were fooled by the incredible, but fake Angel Promo for American Horror Story: Freakshow? Well, need not worry my creeps! These are two 100% authentic teasers for the newest incarnation of American Horror Story.

If you haven’t heard about this season of American Horror Story’s ‘freaky’ premise, then let me catch you up:

American Horror Story: Freak Show” begins its tale in the quiet, sleepy hamlet of Jupiter, Florida. The year is 1952. A troupe of curiosities has just arrived to town, coinciding with the strange emergence of a dark entity that savagely threatens the lives of townsfolk and freaks alike. This is the story of the performers and their desperate journey of survival amidst the dying world of the American carny experience.

It includes and absolutely star studded cast, with series regulars Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Gabourey Sidibe, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, and Francis Conroy returning to scare us all again. Also, some new faces including Patti LaBelle, Michael Chiklis, Wes Bentley, John Carroll Lynch, and Finn Wittrock.

We were also recently given news by creator Ryan Murphy that the world’s smallest woman Jyoti Amge will be joining the lineup. He also served up a hefty taste of Sarah Paulson’s two headed character!


“Admit One”

I am such a huge fan of this franchise. Unfortunately, the gorgeous Jessica Lange has said this will probably be her last season. She will be missed, and I hope that it doesn’t spell the end for the series. It has seriously brought a new life to horror on television. I hate to be cliche, but it really does break all the rules. I think it’s rare to be genuinely scared by a TV show. The original Twilight Zone is the only thing that’s ever done that for me.

Anyway, remember to stay scary, and discuss your thoughts about the new season below!

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