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Walking Dead Season 5 Threats [Video]

There are a lot of rumors floating around about what is going to happen to the band of merry misfits trying to survive in a world dominated by zombies in a post-apocalyptic world of life and death we know as the Walking Dead.

The leading rumors surround fan favorite cast member Darryl who now might be coming out of the closet to the dismantled group coming back together in some sort of fashion.

First off, does the world as we know it, or the world as Rick and company know it really care if Darryl is gay?  Have we really progressed to the point where in a horror series as we enter a fifth year of don’t get eaten by the freakishly dead but living zombies or killed my fanatical military fascists trying to assemble a new world order of the remaining living people relies on a story line that the tougher than nails Darryl has an alternative life style?

Back to the matter at end.  After the first season where the band of survivors comes together and learns how to survive against the new plague – we quickly turned the series from the threat of the zombie – to the threat coming from other survivors and their hell bent wishes on domination as opposed to survival.

Has the series come full circle and gotten back to the threat from the walkers returning?

Tyreese appears to be cornered, hunkered down in shelter and surrounded by walkers. Unfortunately for him, there is something in the shack with him. It is moving to fast to be a walker, unless they are starting to evolve into true hunters as opposed to the walkers we are used to that stumble around aimlessly unless their is a food source present and they go into attack mode.

Attack mode that is direct and not sneaky, and the “thing” in the shack with Tyreese is definitely trying not to be seen, at least for now.

Season 5 can’t open up fast enough, with another round of episodes starting on October 12th.

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