Fifty States Of Scary Introduction [Video]

With the season of fall rolling around, and Halloween right around the corner, I figured it would be a good time to embark on a whirl-wind tour of the United States and explore the Fifty States of Scary – the scariest places in the United States of America through tales of urban legend and actually haunted places, the ghost stories America was built on.

No rhyme or reason as to the order, but I will be featuring 5-6 of the scariest spots in each state, could be alien sightings, weird noises, apparitions, poltergeists, you name it – if there is a place in your home town that you think fits the bill, it could end up on our list of scariest ghost stories.

Of course, not having visited many of these places, I have to take your word for it, so here is your chance to influence our decision.  If you have a nomination in your state, email us at [email protected]  We will take your spot into consideration, and could even make it a feature part of your states story.

Starting next week, we will start our ghost story and scary spots in each of the fifty states in the United States of America, and then turn our attention to the rest of the world.

Will your home town be on our list of scariest places?

We will start with Alaska, and work through the states alphabetically.  This will be in addition to our normal review of haunts and all things that go bump in the night.

From houses to stores, places, if it gives someone the creeps, it is eligible to make our list. Whether the stories be of urban legend, designed to scare locals and tourists away from dangerous spots, or rooted in the truth of a nasty and brutal incident – we will consider them all.

So let your inner ghost hunter out in you, and if we mention a place that is nearest you, check it out (safely please) for yourself, and see if you can last in one of the scariest places in America.

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