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Compound Fracture

Compound Fracture: Best Horror Film Of The Year?

I came across Compound Fracture at a local video store. Yes I know some of our younger readers may be thinking “What’s a video store?” A video store is an almost forgotten, magical place where one could go to rent movies, and actually SPEAK to people there about movies, before Netflix came along and has nearly killed the industry. Though I digress…

I came across Compound Fracture at a local remaining video store, and decided to buy it on a whim. I like both Tyler Mane (Halloween remake), and Derek Mears (Friday The 13th remake) so I figured why not? I expected a decent movie. I didn’t know I had just picked up what, in my opinion would turn out to be the horror movie of the year.


After 20 years, an estranged son Michael Wolfssen returns to his family home. With him is his fiancée, and nephew. The nephew is haunted by images of a pale man with a bullet wound in his head. When they reach the family “Compound” Michael realizes his father has made some major advancements in security for the place. Some of them are traditional, while the rest is not so much (Witchcraft, to be exact). The director did an amazing job of a slow boil, building tension. From the start, we know something is wrong, but not what.

There is a lot of tension between Michael and his father, who is now senile, often confusing people for  people in his past. We learn of the family’s dark past. We learn of the father’s abuse, and a long-lasting family tradition. All of extra security keeps out malevolent spirits.  Sadly not all family secrets stay buried, and there is one malevolent spirit who refuses to give up…

Every once in a while, not often, once in a while a horror film comes along and is firing on all cylinders. Everything in Compound Fracture works. The story is great. The acting makes you feel for the characters. The special effects are amazing. This is everything horror is supposed to be, ladies and gentlemen. Even I, a seasoned horror movie viewer jumped a few times.

Final Verdict:

Compound Fracture is the rare gripping horror story that fans long for. Everyone involved is at the top of their game. This is by far my choice for horror movie of the year, and I think everyone who sees it will agree.

Compound Fracture receives Five out of five stars. Let’s hope this is a new beginning for horror.

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