The Walking Dead Zombifies Anthrax’s Scott Ian (Video)

Anthrax frontman and horror enthusiast Scott Ian has completed filming a cameo for an upcoming Season 5 episode of The Walking Dead.

Ian had previously had a cameo as a zombie in the six-episode series of webisodes called The Walking Dead: Torn Apart.  The online-exclusive series explored the story of “Bicycle Girl,” the mostly-rotted walker found near a bicycle that Rick Grimes uses in the season premiere of the TV series.  The webisode series was directed by The Walking Dead producer and make-up artist, Greg Nicotero.

Now, the only remaining original founding member of Anthrax can be seen on the parent series, once again as a walker.  Ian’s Nerdist-hosted webseries, Scott Ian’s Bloodworks, provides intriguing behind-the-scenes videos of the best make-up and effects artists in the film and TV business.  The famous musician brought the cameras along with him and turned his zombie transformation into a very entertaining Bloodworks episode, which you can watch right here:

Scott Ian isn’t the only celebrity who’s had a special guest appearance as a biter.  Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward received the walker treatment, appearing in the Season 3 episode, The Suicide King.  In the episode, Ward was seen in full zombie make-up and appeared to have been gunned down by Maggie Greene.

Similarly, comedian Conan O’Brien was given the official zombie set-up by the Walking Dead effects team as part of a parody opening to his TV show Conan.  The episode featured an interview with Conan and several of The Walking Dead cast members, including Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan and Melissa McBride.  That episode aired in conjunction with the premiere of the second half of Season 4.

The fifth episode of Season 5 of The Walking Dead, titled Self Help, premieres tonight on AMC at 9/8c.