Five Worst Horror Sequels I Have Ever Watched

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 Halloween II

Oh, I was so tempted to put this at number one, but I figure that I am too biased against reboots to trust my judgment on this one.  I felt really strongly against Rob Zombie being allowed to reboot the timeless Halloween, so ANY additional chapters just piss me off that much more.

Having said that – come on.  This is so bad, it borders on unwatchable.  For starters, I am not one of those people who think gore always equals better.  I’m not squeamish, but if all you can add to a classic franchise is gore, move along.

Perhaps I’m not being fair to Rob Zombie; after all, he did add all of those Michael Myers’ mom with a white horse moments . . . naw, **** that.  Those were idiotic, and it was just ANOTHER chance for Zombie to give his wife an acting role in one of his movies.

At least it took a handful of sequels for the original Halloween franchise to start sucking.  It’s almost like Zombie knew he shouldn’t be making these movies, and killed the reboot as quickly as he could.  (I know this is not the case at all, but it’s the only explanation for this movie’s sheer awfulness that helps me sleep at night!)

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