iZombie and the Baby

This episode of iZombie begins with a press conference about a dead mom and her rescued baby. From the beginning I am getting excited about the feelings of pregnancy Liv will get when she eats these brains. I love reviewing as I watch, so you get my train of thought. It’s kind of like watching iZombie, all that train of thought stuff.

So, everyone thinks that the boyfriend killed the young dead woman when he figured out that she was pregnant.

Liv’s mothering instinct is absolutely adorable, for a zombie anyway. And obviously she feels an attachment to the baby that is in the hospital.

Liv’s zombie beau stops by the lab to participate in some zombie testing. But leaves quickly, following a buddy punch. Liv feels like she just entered the friend zone. Oh zombie love, what a painful thing to deal with.

Liv finds out that the steam lost in her relationship is because Mr. hot zombie is temporarily into guys until his next brain meal. So, they have a fun “girls” night together instead.

Liv’s vision are fairly interesting in this episode, as she works to solve this never-go-to-be- a mom’s murder (she was killed while pregnant, but they were able to save the baby). Her vision shows other girls, as if there were a few being held captive. Cult? Something worse?

There is a lot of gun fire and such in this episode and I’d hate to spoil how it ends…

Oh, and Major gets arrested- in case you needed an ex update.

My Two Cents

I do like that each episode is a completely different type of death/murder. I am still getting used to the side stories with these new zombies popping up all over the place. It takes some getting used to. I remain a fan.