Grimm Goes There- Wesen Hookers

After Juliette burns down the trailer filled with all of the Grimm weapons and information that Nick needs to do his otherworldly job, the teams starts to search through and do find some weapons and books that survived her vicious attack.

Is this just the Hexenbiest in her going mad or is Juliette just trying to do everything she can to push Nick as far away as possible? It’s likely it was “revenge” against the fact that he’s going to be a daddy. Speaking of, Rosalee works with Adalind to come up with a way to cure Juliette, since Juliette’s biggest modus operandi is to kill her.

Part of the plan is underway when Juliette sends an email to Nick’s mom saying he’s in trouble. This is all so that the Royals can get a hold of Adalind’s first child, who happens to be in the protective custody of Nick’s mom (or at least she ‘s the only one that knows the whereabouts of the child).

To the Wesen hookers…

Two prostitutes, both Wesen. One of them murdered. Of course, it’s Nick’s job to solve the murder, as both officer and Grimm. Apparently the team is up against a Jack the Ripper type killer. He even goes by the name Jack.

In order to try to turn around the issue with Juliette, the team has to exhume Adalind’s mom and take out a bunch of organs and body parts for some potion. What a way to say Happy Mother’s Day! Adalind takes the potion and it appears to get rid of the Hexenbiest within… but now the trick is to get Juliette to take it. It is only a suppressant.

Sean continues to have strange nightmares, waking up in the water (or near it) and his bullet wounds continue to reappear. After Sean visits Henrietta about all this, someone kills her.

The episode ends with a gun shot… as Juliette control Nick and aims the gun at… maybe Monroe? We’ll have to wait to find out.