Zombie Children?! Watch the New ‘Cooties’ Trailer [video]

Just when you think you’ve pretty much seen it all in the realm of horror films after something like The Human Centipede comes along (complete with two sequels), something new shows up that makes my jaw drop to the floor.  That’s exactly what just happened to me after watching the trailer for the upcoming horror-comedy film, Cooties.

Due out September 18th of this year, Cooties tells the story of an epidemic that breaks out in an elementary school through contaminated chicken nuggets.  Children who eat the bad nuggets turn into bloodthirsty zombies straight from The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later.  Fortunately for the adults, though, the virus only affects those who haven’t gone through puberty, so, there’s that.  Now they’re just going to have to survive being trapped and surrounded in a school full of pint-sized, flesh-hungry monsters.


Watch the disturbing trailer right here, and see for yourself what I’m talking about:

I’ve got to admit that while I’m a huge fan of zombie movies and TV shows, they only rarely creep me out.  Lizzie and Mika’s storyline from Season 4 of The Walking Dead still haunts me, but the show is usually a lot of fun to watch.  Cooties, however, has given me a lot of uncomfortable feelings just from the trailer.  It’s a dark comedy film and there were moments from the trailer that were hilarious, but there’s something inherently bothersome about a bunch of little kids turning into zombies.

Still, it’s a refreshingly original concept that I’m sure I’ll still end up seeing.  Elijah Wood and Rainn Wilson star, which is great news considering the two of them have always been able to deliver.  But I think I’ll start sending packed lunches with my daughter to school starting this fall when the movie premieres, and chicken nuggets are absolutely out of the question.