The Walking Dead #1 “Artist’s Edition” Coming this Fall

With as popular as the TV series The Walking Dead has become, there’s still a surprisingly large amount of fans of the show who haven’t yet read the comics.  Perhaps this fall would be a good time to start.

It’s been reported over at the official Walking Dead website that a new, special edition of the very first issue of the comic book series will be released on August 26th of this year.  As an “Artist’s Edition” version of the comic that started it all, the book will come in an larger size: 11″ x 7″.  That would be the size of the original art boards used by then-artist Tony Moore.

Only the raw drawings in their original form will be presented in this special comic.  What that means is that on these pages, no grey tones have been added, and everything is gloriously black and white.  When you read this comic, it will be like you’re in Robert Kirkman’s shoes at the start of the franchise, reviewing the original drawings before the images receive their shading, grey tones and size reduction.  It will certainly be a new and interesting way to read the comic.

This is actually not the first special edition re-release of the first issue of The Walking Dead.  In 2013, a special all-color edition of the comic hit comic store shelves.  Like this Artist’s Edition, it was an interesting, alternate way to take in the start of Rick’s journey into the zombie apocalypse.  Being in all color, though, it would have looked the exact opposite of the upcoming Artist’s Edition, so there should be enough differences to justify flipping through those pages yet again.

The Walking Dead #1 was written by Robert Kirkman, who still writes the comics to this day.  At 32 pages long, the artwork was provided by Tony Moore, who was the original artist for the series before mainstay Charlie Adlard took over.  The comic will be released on August 26th, 2015.