Internet Win: Cats VS Zombies

With zombies still taking popular culture by force with television shows like The Walking Dead and its neophyte spinoff Fear the Walking Dead still going strong and gaining in popularity, is it any surprise that our favorite Internet superstars would want a slice of that undead pie? That’s right, cats are now officially getting on the zombie train with this YouTube video, Cats VS Zombies. 

When two hardcore zombie killing felines spot a kitten in distress, it’s all paws on deck as they take on a horde of undead humans. Who knew a cats were such dab hands (or dab paws! All right, I’m done with the cat puns. Maybe) at machine guns?! What a worrying thought. But, as we all know, sometimes it takes more than bullets to stop a swarm of hungry zombies. Luckily, these cats have a few more tricks up their sleeves. Will these fiesty furballs win the fight and rescue the kitten? Or will they become kibble for some ravenous rotters? Don’t keep yourself in suspense! Watch the video right meow.

And in case that’s not enough “cat in a zombie apocalypse” for you, here’s a video from back in 2014, before all the humans turned into flesh-eating monsters and cats could still rely on them to do their jobs and feed them.