Undead with a Fowling Piece

 Zombie with a Shotgun is a web series that can currently be viewed on Vimeo, which was the first video-sharing site to support high-definition quality and resolution. Three years ago, Hilton Ariel Ruiz, of New York City, initiated what will soon immerse itself in the genre we know all too well.

The story begins with the introduction of Aaron, who is under the influence of bath salts; or was he infected with a virus and I’m on bath salts? With his companion, Rachel, by his side, Aaron vows to halt anyone or anything that intends to bring them to their deaths. Which includes the viral infection that is slowly deteriorating his mind and body.

Have you not seen this yet? What are you waiting for?! Watch the first episode of Zombie with a Shotgun below to see for yourself how awesome this webseries is. There are 5 episodes currently available to watch on the official Vimeo channel, so be sure to check that out here after you watch the first episode.

A graphic novel is also developing with illustrations composed by Simone Guglielmini. I also urge you to email ZombieWithAShotgunMovie@gmail.com, to receive notification once the KickStarter campaign is formed. The campaign will be used to generate proceeds in order to turn Hilton Ariel Ruiz’ creation into a feature film. You can also keep up with the series by giving it a like on Facebook.

So let’s keep an eye on this one, and together we can bring Zombie with a Shotgun to print as well.