Jason X: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

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Aliens (20th Century Fox)

6. The script was heavily inspired by Alien and Aliens

Speaking of Todd Farmer, did you know he was a big fan of James Cameron’s classic Alien films? The first two movies in that franchise served as a heavy inspiration into the story of Jason X, as Farmer essentially wanted to tell a story of survivors on a spaceship fleeing for their lives from Jason Voorhees instead of Xenomorphs.

Farmer revealed in interviews how he intended to take the dark, secluded feeling from Alien and inject some of the subtle humor from its sequel, still keeping things scary. Throughout the course of production, however, more and more humor found its way into the story, much to the dismay of Farmer who felt there was more that could have been done with a darker Jason story.

Unfortunately, the campy humor ended up overshadowing the influence the Alien movies may have had on the story, other than the similar setting of a group of survivors being hunted on a spaceship. I wonder if Farmer was right, and that maybe the film would have came out better if not for all the cheesy humor?

For what it’s worth, Farmer did have a cameo role in Jason X as a character named Dallas, which was a nod to one of the characters in Alien.

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