‘Deep 6’ Zombie Short May Reanimate as Feature Film

Deep 6, the zombie horror short film from 18 Lives Productions, may be getting adapted into a feature film.

If you’re like me, you can’t get enough zombies.

And what a time it is to be a fan of the undead. We’ve got highly anticipated episodes of both the TV show and video game series of The Walking Dead coming this fall. But that won’t be the only quality zombie horror to expect in the future.

The zombie short film Deep 6 is less than five minutes long, but damn is that brief amount of time intense. Set at the very start of a deadly viral outbreak, the film tells the story where a “young girl is ripped out of bed with moments to spare before the infected take over Los Angeles.” Co-director Scott McNamara has told 1428 Elm that the short may soon be getting the feature film treatment.

While most zombie movies are cheesy, Deep 6 is not at all. Everything from the acting to the camera work and FX is very well done, and this is certainly one of the best zombie shorts available on YouTube. If you’re a fan of zombie horror, then take a few moments to watch it now:

What I love about this short is how it’s set at the very start of the zombie apocalypse. This is something that’s usually glossed over in most zombie fiction. But I think it’s the most interesting (and horrifying) period of time during a zombie outbreak. This is when everyone is taken completely off guard, and there is nothing but chaos.

It’s really not surprising for Deep 6 to be considered for a feature adaptation. It’s a given with how entertaining the short is and how well received it has been. I can’t wait to see it happen, because Scott McNamara & Kevin McNamara obviously understand how to do zombies right.

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