‘The Walking Dead’ Behind-the-Scenes Issues Revealed in Video

A brand new YouTube video by Looper reveals many of the behind-the-scenes problems and drama from The Walking Dead, as well as some other cool facts.

The true stories about the production of AMC’s ratings behemoth The Walking Dead are sometimes just as interesting as the series itself. And if you’re like me, you can’t get enough of this useless information about the creation of the amazing show.

Enter the YouTube channel Looper. These guys post many videos exploring the untold stories in the world of pop culture. Their newest video, released today, dives into The Walking Dead. As a huge fan of the franchise, I know some of these stories. But there are a few other things I hadn’t known yet either.

The video goes through many of the problems which plagued the show behind the scenes. This includes Frank Darabont’s removal as the series showrunner, and his subsequent lawsuit against AMC. It also brings up the DUI arrests of active cast members Seth Gilliam (Father Gabriel) and Scott Wilson (Hershel Greene).

You’ll find some other cool factoids as well. Did you know when Robert Kirkman first pitched the comic series to Image Comics, he promised to include aliens in the story? The zombies would be revealed to be the product of an alien invasion. Kirkman never intended to seriously do this, but sensationalized the pitch to ensure Image picked it up. And this is just one of many interesting stories in the clip about the backstory of The Walking Dead.

Take a look at “The Untold Truth Of The Walking Dead” below, courtesy of Looper:

The Walking Dead premieres Season 7 this Sunday, October 23, at 9/8c on AMC. Be sure to keep checking back with 1428 Elm for our continuous coverage on all things TWD.