‘Ash vs Evil Dead’: ‘Trapped Inside’ Brings Back Classic ‘Evil Dead’ Starlet

While continuing to rock the horror world with its second season, Starz’s ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ brings back a classic character from Sam Raimi’s original to slaughter more human victims.

If you’ve been keeping up with Starz’s continuing adventures of Ash Williams, Ash vs Evil Dead, you’ll know a lot of things are happening this season. Ash’s father shows up, the chainsaw-handed one get a new nickname (Ashy Slashy), and old friends we’ve never met show up. Now, Ash’s sister Cheryl is making an epic return.

That’s right, you aren’t imagining things Deadites. Last night, Cheryl from Sam Raimi’s 1981 masterpiece showed up to wreak more havoc on the living in Trapped Inside. Brought to life by Ellen Sandweiss, Cheryl is unfortunately  “Branch Banged” by a tree in the original film. Now, she makes her return.

Check out the tree raping from the ’81 classic below:

Because many of the performers never really worked in the business again, it’s especially nice to see Sandweiss reprise her role. While she appears in some stuff here and there since, most notably in Sam Raimi’s underrated Oz the Great and Powerful (2013), she doesn’t work much in film. I think she’s great in Trapped Inside.

Honestly, I hope this is a trend. I’d love to see others from the film franchise show up in Ash vs Evil Dead. They don’t even have to be playing the same role, like Ellen Sandwiess does, but just having them there would be a nice nod.

So, did you freak out when Sister Cheryl popped back up in ole “Ashy Slashy’s” life?

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