‘Stephen King’s IT’ FX Artist Reveals Rare Pennywise Photos

Rare behind the scenes photos of a puppet Pennywise are being revealed for the first time by an FX artist on the 1990 TV adaptation of Stephen King’s IT.

Like a lot of people, I’m very curious to see what happens with the upcoming IT movie. As a fan of the original Stephen King novel, it’s thrilling to see it coming to the big screen in 2017. But that doesn’t take anything away from my love for the 1990 tv mini-series with Tim Curry.

Bart Mixon is an FX artist whose resume includes working on the classic 1990 adaptation. On his Facebook page, Mixon has recently released some new behind the scenes pics from the mini-series. If you’re a sucker for newly unearthed photos from classic horror films (like this one of Jamie Lee Curtis wearing the Michael Myers mask), then you may love this as much as I.

The photos are of a puppet version of Pennywise, which Mixon was using for stop-motion segments of the series. Take a look at the images below:

Bart J. Mixon painting Pennywise (Photo: Bart Mixon) Chris Warren with Mini Pennywise (Photo: Bart Mixon) Look how cute this Pennywise is. (Photo: Bart Mixon) Cute, but terrifying. (Photo: Bart Mixon)

From the Facebook post:

“A stop motion version of Pennywise was needed for a hand full of effects shots created by Gene Warren at Fantasy II.
The puppet was sculpted by Dan Platt with a regular face, but the day I was molding it the production decided to use the acid burn make-up, so I had to create a mini-facial prosthetic for the puppet to change it’s features. I painted the puppet and Jack Bricker did his hair.”

Even in puppet form, Pennywise is nothing short of amazing. Here’s hoping the performance by Bill Skarsgård as the dancing clown in the 2017 film will be just as incredible.

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