The Walking Dead: Top 6 Moments From ‘Hearts Still Beating’

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Photo: Gene Page/AMC

1. Rick is back on track for ultimate revenge

Rick was quick to bend for Negan after the premiere. It did take nearly being forced to lop his own son’s arm off. But Rick was completely in line, totally broken, just the way Negan was wanting it.

But not everyone was willing to play by the rules forever. Rosita tried to take out Negan, even if she failed. Same with Carl. Michonne, Sasha and Jesus are also part of the plan to fight back. Daryl we also know isn’t wanting to be a part of it. Really, we just needed Rick himself to get back in the game.

Perhaps seeing Olivia and Spencer killed was the last straw for Rick. They’re risking their lives to get all of this crap for Negan, and he still brutalizes them anyway. It’s no way to live, not even in an apocalypse. So Rick declares that he’s back in for a plan to finally take out the Saviors. Not just for Alexandria, but for all of the communities affected by this madman.

Seeing Rick and Daryl embrace at the end of the show was awesome. It solidifies that the group is back on the same page after a miserable first half of Season 7. This gives a lot of hope going into the second half this February, and I’m much more excited to see what happens.