‘Ash vs Evil Dead’: Godfather Has Interesting Request For Series Star

With ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ recently ending its amazing second season, we found out exclusively what Sam Raimi asked one of the show’s best Deadite slayers.

It’s time to get those chainsaws out again!

During our exclusive interview with Ash vs Evil Dead’s Dana DeLorenzo, we got into the demented details. Discussing everything, including she became involved with the project, we found our just how collaborative Sam Raimi can be.

Check out what DeLorenzo, who plays the badass Kelly Maxwell on the Starz series, said about Raimi:

From day one, Sam was asking me to help him write a scene involving Kelly. Like getting my opinion on “What do you think happened between Kelly and her mom before this?” or ” What do think her Deadite mom would say to her to really upset her?” So I’m thinking “Sam Raimi really asking me!?” That was the tone that was set in the beginning.

Read everything the Deadite slayer says in Part II of our interview. Part I is available as well.

Not sure about you guys, but this is more delicious than ice cream. The fact that Raimi, a true filmmaking legend and creator of the Evil Dead series, would ask anyone for input is amazing. It’s great to see someone with so much clout be so humble.

Also, it’s simply a great idea. You should always make people feel creative and available to give input. A filmmaker doesn’t have to use everything but listening to everyone should be key. Even John Carpenter said that. And, not to mention, Dana DeLornezo is a sharply witted talent — our interview attests to that.

So, how impress are you with the collaborative nature of screen legend Sam Raimi?

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